Bearings! Or lack thereof…

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I thought the front wheel of the roadster was a bit on the piss, so I took the cone spanner to it, and lo-and-behold I’m missing a bearing… it’s just not there. A gap where there should be a whole bearing.

So now I’m going on the hunt to find loose bearings. My local shop only sells races & cages, so I’m going to have to look further afield. Where does one buy bearings for a 25 year old hub?
The mystery continues on


Want: June 2011

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Well it seems that there’s some things going on in the world of those purveyors of high end road and mountain bikes, Specialized of late. Last year they pulled the ‘Globe’ line of bikes from the usual line up and pushed them out again as a whole new brand. now sell you fine things like the Roll, Haul, Live and the above Daily…

Yes please, I’ll have one of those if you’re buying!

Quickie. Let off.

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That parking ticket. Well a little (actually quite a lot) of time, complaints and requests for the original wardens report, spotting issues with the ticket, the enforcement, and how in January it gets dark at 4.30PM, with snow, there’s no way of telling there’s a drop curb… I’ve been let off my ticket.

Take that council. Should have done it properly in the first place.

Too Many Temptations

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Well there seems to be a little bit of a sea change occurring.

Remember when you could go past a skip and see a nice steel frame poking out, just wanting to be taken, cleaned up and have some new rubber slung round the wheels, and bang, you’ve got a perfectly serviceable bike? Well those days are gone, thanks to the wonder that is eBay. People seem to think that because it’s old, it’s worth something.
Sometimes this is true, but most of the time it’s junk.

And it seems to be catching on. I’m seeing lots of pretty things on the Bay of e for money that’s almost sensible. A job-lot of old rod-brakers, all in need of some love, going for less than £100 for nine bikes, including a Rudge, a Phillips, a couple of old Raleigh loop frames etc and assorted parts. There’s a Rudge on here at the moment – admittedly an unfinished project, all in bits – but looks like it’s going to sell for less than £40. Only a few weeks ago I was outbid for the same amount of cash just for a Rudge crank (got to love them), and so it goes on.

Seriously, now seems to be a good time to get a whole bunch of nice things in for a few spring and summer projects. I still love my three speed, and I’d like to do another one, and a rod-brake affair, but I still want to find the right frame to do a mixte… I see them from time to time, but it seems like the hipsters are moving onto these now… perhaps their impossibly thin legs can’t manage only having three gears to push them up hills.

Good for them. Hopefully they’re all laying snapped by the roadside so I can get some bikes that are worth having at a price worth paying.

This ends today’s thought for the moment.

Hibernation over, the finishing touches

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So after something of a two month hiatus in everything, Xmas, new year, lots of snow, we can get back to the business of oily parts, rust and pitted chrome.
My latest acquisition is a job lot of old bike bits, including a pair of 26 1 3/8ths wheels, front one with a sturmey archer dynohub, a set of steel mudguards, and a full chaincase with all the mountings. Pictures soon, before they get the wire brush and paint and fitting to the BSA custom. Happy days, and a bargain price to boot! Collecting it all today. Also heading down the tip to see if there’s anything exciting being thrown away. Some people will send some real gems to the dump… One mans scrap is another mans treasure I suppose!

Ooh shiny!

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Now I’m not really one for single speed cycles, but these are quite beautiful. Have a look.

Snow snow everywhere…

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… and not a winter tyre to be had


It’s not the snow that’s causing much of an issue, it’s the ice. I went to my local bike cavern to get a set of studded tyres for the Dawes, and I was told that they won’t be having any more until the middle of January.

Oh well… looks like I’ll be doing more walking and driving that I wanted to.

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