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24/10/2010 § Leave a comment

The current project is a strip-down and rebuild of an old BSA roadster. I got the whole bike for nothing – it was languishing in a friends back garden – and apart from a crunchy front hub bearing, general shabby paintwork and pitted chrome-work, it’s fully functional. Not a bad find. Another friend offered up a seven speed hub for nothing if I came and got it from Bournmouth, but sadly that fell through, so it’s back to the original three speed hub which needed a little adjustment, but is otherwise perfect… not bad for a 25 year old unit – then again, I’ve always preferred hubs over the clunky derailleur, especially for city riding.

The BSA stripped of most of the major components

So what’s to do? Well as the frame is such a good one, I’m going the full strip down to bare metal, respray, refit most of the original equipment, replacing where sensible or where the old parts are just plain ugly. Someone at some point has replaced the saddle with a gel one that’s falling apart, and the handel bars are not to my liking. I was going to change the brakes to centre pull, but finding the right mounting brackets was proving to be a right pain.

Got to get some bolt cutters and get this old crap off.

Parts ordered online, they should be here within the week. All I need to do now is put the elbow grease into removing the cotter pins on the crank, service the bottom bracket and repaint the frame. Doing all this in a first floor flat with no outdoor space is going to be interesting, but I know of a couple of people that will loan me a garage for the price of a few beers. I’m going with a colour scheme of greys. Dark grey frame, silver pinstriping… have yet to decide on a colour for the chain case, and I haven’t found the right bars yet. I really want a set of Velo Orange Porteur bars, but they’re out of stock everywhere I know to find them, and on their own website in the US of A, so it looks like I’m out of luck there. I have some Humpert Toulouse bars, which are nearly there, but not quite swept back enough to use reverse pull brake levers – a personal favourite of mine on 65 degree swing bars. Hello eBay.

The project continues.


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