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24/10/2010 § Leave a comment

Hello to all readers of this blog… you’re probably wondering what it’s all about? Well the title should give you an inclination of what it’s about. Bikes, bicycles, and cycling… but not your modern cycling.

No. This blog is about cycling purely as a means of transport. There’s no talk of set-up geometry, best Lycra hot-pants cycling shorts for men, hydration systems… and nothing about off-road use. If you’re looking for any of that, then look elsewhere. There’s no talk about new bikes here either. You don’t need a new bike. There’s thousands out there which, for a fraction of the cost of a new machine can be used as a perfectly serviceable transport bike. Sure, it won’t be a modern ‘city hybrid’ or ATB… but they will take you from one place to another for free. Just search on eBay or skim through your local free-ads for old Raleighs, BSAs or Motobecanes and you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs. Do you need 27 gears? Really? That £600 hybrid you’ve been looking at… do you really need it? Sure, if you’re a sucker for this years model then spend it, but I can show you a bike brought back from the brink of scrap for £50 in parts and a weekend of shed tinkering that will do the job just as well and you have the sound knowledge that it’s less likely to be stolen, and be better quality. Yes, you can buy a new bike from Halfords for £69.99, but you’re spending seventy quid on an entire bicycle. Are you expecting to find quality engineering for that price? Good luck with that.

So put that Specialized catalogue down, pick up your Loot or Trade-It and climb on.

Oh yes. One last thing; in this part of the world we’ve got these things called hills. They’re a bugger to go up, and I like to use brakes to stop at the bottom of them.
Therefore: no fixies.


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