The ongoing paint job

16/11/2010 § Leave a comment

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything here, and that’s mainly because there’s not been much progress with the build. The paint I bought went on, and I decided after a lot of umming and erring, that I didn’t like it. It’s a nice colour, but over such a large area, it didn’t look good. So out came the sand paper, the nice satin finish got sanded back, and a new top coat went on. Sadly, while I was painting the outdoor temperature dropped and the high gloss finish dried in a very strange way. So that got sanded back, and I started again.

So now I’m nearly there with the paint job. It’s a very nice dark grey gloss. With pinstriping on the lugs, brown leather saddle and bars and the cream Delta Cruiser tyres, this bike is going to look the business.

Once the paint and clear-coat is done, it’s going to be finished pretty quickly, but finding the time to do the painting is tricky. Limited daylight hours means that painting is a weekend job only… I might get this thing finished by Christmas!


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