Clear Coat

30/11/2010 § Leave a comment

It’s going on today… found a suitable space to finally do the last bit of sanding, painting and lacquering of the roadster frame. In about 24 hours from now parts will be bolted on and this little bugger finished… well, sort of. I still need to sort out the bar tape, the inner-tubes which haven’t arrived in the post yet, some kind of stand (the one I bought sight unseen doesn’t fit, what a waste of money and no returns either) and a few other odds and sods that I need to sort out.

I’m going to cut a leather chain protector rather than buy one, and I’m going to make a leather fork protector as well so when I chain it up at work the paint doesn’t contact the bike hoops. Some people will bang on about weight saving, but I say this is a heavy bike to start with… a few extra grams isn’t going to change anything over all!

Oh, and I need to finish getting the rust off the wheels.

OK… it’s going to be a while before this thing is one the road, but it’s all about the detail.


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