Elbow Grease

04/12/2010 § Leave a comment

When I got this BSA, the wheels were in a pretty sorry state. Pitted and rusted, the back was worse than the front, but they were both fairly brown. Still… with some copper wool, 600 Grit wet and dry, WD-40 and about an hour for each wheel, they’re looking pretty damn good for a pair of 30 year olds that have essentially been left out in the rain.

After & Before. 1 Hours per wheel. Lots of polishing.


The final fix is coming along nicely too. With two new purchases today of a chain tool and a pair of cone wrenched to finish off the jobs that need doing – especially tighten up the front hub as it was very wonky*.

All that needs doing now is: finish positioning the brakes, fit the mudguards, lacquer the chaincase / paint it the same grey as the rest of the bike… don’t know yet,  find the right bars & grips combination I’m happy with, sort out the chip in the paint (my fault), find and fit a rack, reflectors, lighting…

Christmas. I said I’d have it done by Christmas and it will be done.



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