A Question of Grips

12/12/2010 § Leave a comment

So the BSA Custom is almost finished… only a couple of things remain. The main thing that’s bugging me is bar grips. I’m still not convinced that I want to keep the bars I have, or swap them for my Humpert North Road bars that are currently living on the Dawes, but I can’t take them off until I get some regulation flat bars like the ones that came with the bike. Either way, I need grips.

I’ve found some really nice reproduction roadster grips from The Old Bicycle Co. that are simply push on rubber.
I like the DMR lock-on grips, which are pretty funky, but historically incorrect, but they do come in a range of colours that will compliment the bikes scheme better than plain back grips. 

Brooks make some really nice leather and aluminium grips but they’re too expensive.

If we’re talking leather, then Portland Design Works make some nice simple numbers

And there’s many other options beside this short list. Tricky question. I guess that it’s a question of taste and plumping for one and seeing if I like them, they way they work with the bike and if they’re comfortable, seeing as they’re one of the main contact points between me and the machine.


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