Now that’s put me in a spin…

12/12/2010 § Leave a comment

Despite me building this bike, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s far too nice a thing to leave locked up at work. It will be a target for the youths who don’t appreciate a classic bike, and will probably want to break it, so I’ve enrolled in the UK’s Cycle to Work scheme, where your employer, through salary sacrifice pay for a new bike on a hire agreement, then at the end of  the agreement you can buy the bike back from them. In essence, it’s a government tax relief scheme, but with added benefit, and you end up getting the bike at about 30-50% less than retail.

I was going to get a Giant VIA 1, but then I found a range of hand-built bikes, made of steel, not Aluminium (don’t like Ai frames) that are classically styled, and no more expensive than the Giant.

Seriously tempted by pretty much all the bikes they make. They’re things of beauty… have a look. Creme Cycles nice things await you.


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