Four Wheels, Five Speed

17/12/2010 § Leave a comment

I’m not one of these car hater types.

I love cars, big engines and loud exhaust notes… I’m not an environmentalist, if you see what I mean.
But what I do hate is traffic wardens. Little Hitlers who weren’t good enough to get into the Police Force but still have to exercise some authority, flexing their little badges and wilding their cameras to show that you’ve made a very minor civil infraction that bothers no one.
And what gets me is that the person in front was clearly parked within five yards of a junction, the person behind had two wheels on the road, two on the pavement. The former is dangerous to all, the latter means the pavement is restricted, yet they get away scot free, and I get a f***ing £70 fine for parking parallel to a drop kerb for a church that no one uses.
Ticket issued at 7.01AM. I mean… come on.
And they said that my classic Saab was black. It isn’t, it’s much rarer than black, it’s Odoardo Grey Metallic… you philistines.
Oh I’m pissed off, the c*nts


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