Hubs Vs Derailleurs

Back in a land before colour film, there were hubs. Fixed hubs.
Then came geared hubs, and it was good.
Sometime in the 1970’s the derailleur became much more popular as they were cheaper to manufacture and offered lots on combinations of gears that no one needed, but they wanted.

Now, thankfully, people are realising that perhaps hubs were right all along. They only used three or four combinations of their derailleur gears on a day to day basis, and that hubs are more kind on riders if they lived in the city. The people that bang about off road and race still use them, and that’s fine… but for day to day commuting or going to the shops or the pub, hubs are perfect. Always have been.

Lets face it. You don’t see many perfectly functioning derailleurs from the 1950’s being sold today do you? Build one into a wheel, either a brand new unit, or one that’s sixty years old, and it will keep on ticking along nicely with a little oil and adjustment every six months – more frequently if you’ve just replaced the cable and it’s bedding in nicely.


Not great


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  • The Premise

    Everyone seems to wear all kinds of strange luminous tight fitting clothes when riding a bike? Why? Because they think they're being professional cyclists, but really they're going to work, going to the shops, peddling to the pub.

    This is utility cycling. Going from one place to another, but not in a time trial.

    Let those that enjoy the feel of Lycra continue to do so. Let those that spend a fortune on a high tensile aluminium or carbon fibre space-age frames continue to do so. Round here there's only a few caveats. Steel frames, hub gears and chain-cases are regular finds. Trouser clips are optional, but not required, and there's very little mention of new contrivances, just old finds and restoration jobs.

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